How to Make Cuban Cortadito Recipe

There are many things Miamians do differently than the rest of the country. One of them is having breakfast for dessert and dessert for breakfast. Nothing is ever too sweet in the morning. The sweeter the better their productivity. 

So when they want their morning cafecito ritual to get a little sweeter, they prepare a cortadito. A cortadito is a 1:1 ratio of Cuban espresso and steamed milk. The word cortadito means to “cut small,”  essentially using the milk to “cut” the espresso in half. 

Cuban cafecito and steamed milk or evaporated milk is the dynamic duo that makeup the this cortadito recipe. 


You’ll need to prepare your espresso shot using a moka pot or an espresso maker. 

        1.) If using a moka pot, fill the bottom component with water up to the safety release valve. 

        2.) Fill the filter with your favorite Cuban finely-ground coffee, we use Miami Cafe Premium Espresso SHOP NOW 


Place filter inside bottom component and attach top portion.

         3.) Place moka pot on medium heat. Medium heat allows for a smooth          brewing process and avoids burning your shot and moka pot handle                      (speaking from experience). 


Moka Pot Instructions


Espumita is the voluptuous sugar and espresso mixture that is a Cuban right of passage. It’s what sweetens the dark roast. You’re officially Cuban (or honorary one) if you can get a thick caramel consistency. It takes all 5 senses to perfect it. 


1.) Add 4 tablespoons of sugar to your frothing pitcher. Once you hear the water begin to boil, the cafetera will begin to hiss. You’ll want to get your spoon ready!

Collect a tablespoon of the first drops of espresso you see that pour out of the tube and add to the sugar in your pitcher. The first drops of espresso are the strongest. You’ll be able to smell life fill the room.

Stir the mixture fast for 30-45 seconds. You will feel the sugar evolve into a thick and creamy caramel consistency.

Pour the espresso into the espumita mixture and stir slowly until well combined. You can taste but don’t get carried away…we still need it for the second half of the recipe ;-)

How to Make Cuban Espumita Sugar Froth

For detailed photo instructions on how to make cafecito with espumita click here


1.) Once your cafecito is made and espumita are combined, warm 1-2 ounces of milk on the stovetop or microwave. Bring it to a warm temperature. Be sure to not scorch the milk. 

  *Pro Tip: For a sweeter elevated taste replace milk with evaporated milk. If you do this, you may want to omit the espumita and add sugar to taste.  

2.) Pour your cafecito into a mug and add your choice of warm milk  to a 1:1 ratio. There are different types of Cuban Coffee we hope you enjoy this variation. 

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