How to Make Cuban Cafecito (Café Cubano) 🇨🇺

When you wake up. Cafecito. When you need an afternoon pick-me-up. Cafecito. When it’s time to whine down before bed. Cafectio! Yup, you read that right! A shot of strong and sweet Cuban espresso at any given time of day is a way of life in Miami and for Cubans across the globe (Cubans are everywhere ¡Asere!). 

Cuban coffee has an identity of its own. It’s sweet like the pastelitos savored on corners in Miami and strong like the people of the island.

A single shot carries the culture. It preserves the story of life in Miami. The memoir of the  Cuban people. It's simply iconic. 

So What Makes Cuban Coffee Different From the Rest?

Cafe Cubano comes from a dark roast coffee bean that is fine ground. What makes cafecito revered is the espumita. Espumita is the end result of sugar and the first drops of coffee beaten together until it looks like when sand gets loved by the ocean; a thick caramel froth. 

What You’ll Need to Make Cuban Coffee

  • A cafetera aka moka pot- the original Cuban Coffee Maker or any espresso maker to pull a shot from
  • Frothing pitcher to make espumita
  • A spoon to mix
  • Sugar better known as ¡AZUCAR!
  • Tacita (your espresso cup)
  • Water

How to Make Cuban Cafecito (Café Cubano or Cuban Coffee) 

This Cuban Coffee recipe is for a standard 6 cup moka pot

Step 1: Add water to cafetera waterline and add our Miami Cafe Premium Espresso to the cafetera filter (do not overpack).

Cafetera Moka Pot for Cuban Coffee

Cuban Espresso Cuban Coffee Fine Grind

Step 2: Add 4 tablespoons of sugar to your frothing pitcher.

Step 2 A: Turn Stove on low to medium heat and keep lid open. You will hear the water begin to boil and cafetera will begin to bubble and hiss. You’ll want to get your spoon ready!

Step 3: Collect a tablespoon of the first drops of espresso that pour out and add to sugar.

Cuban Espresso First Drops for Espumita

Step 4: Time to make espumita! Stir the mixture fast for 30-45 seconds or until the sugar starts to have a thick and creamy caramel consistency.

Espumita for Cuban Coffee, Cuban Cafecito Espumita

Step 5: Pour the espresso into the espumita mixture and stir slowly until well combined.

Pour Cuban Coffee into Espumita mixture

Step 6: Serve in espresso cups and conquer the day!

Stir Cuban Coffee and Enjoy

To watch how Cuban coffee is made click here

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