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Ordering or making Cuban coffee all depends on your mood and who’s around! Are you enjoying some peace in the morning by yourself or are you on your way to be the office hero? 

There are different types of Cuban coffee. In fact, there’s a type for each Guayabera pocket to carry! They include; cafecito, colada, cortadito and Café con Leche. These four Cs are the pillars that keep Miami and Cuban homes functioning. The foundation is a great whole bean or ground espresso. We use our family favorite Miami Cafe Premium Espresso! 


Cafecito or Café Cubano is what most people are familiar with. It’s a single shot of Cuban espresso, sweetened with espumita. Espumita is a sugar and espresso mixture or as we describe it, “the end result of sugar and the first drops of coffee beaten together until it looks like when the sand is loved by the ocean; a thick caramel froth.” To learn how to make Cuban Coffee click here for the recipe. 

Cuban Espresso Shot


A Colada is typically four-ounces of Café Cubano in a styrofoam cup, paired with thimble sized plastic cups to pour in. If you are ever given one of the coveted Colada sharing cups, just know you are loved. If you see a group of 6 people standing together passionately discussing politics, just know a Colada initiated the conversation. Colada bonding is an experience that’s uniquely found in Miami. 

Cuban Colada



A cortadito is a 1:1 ratio of Cuban espresso (pre-sweetened) and steamed milk. For an elevated sweetened taste, replace milk with evaporated milk! The word cortadito means to “cut small”, essentially using the milk to “cut” the espresso. Some regard the Cuban drink as the Goldilocks of Cuban coffees. Not too strong…but just right. 

Cuban Cortadito

Café  con Leche- 

Café  con Leche is the legendary union between Cuban espresso and milk. So legendary, there’s songs about it. This is the cortadito’s big brother. In this sibling rivalry, Café con Leche is a bigger serving with more milk. In layman’s terms, it’s described as the Cuban latte. But there’s nothing simple about the role of Café con Leche in a Cuban home. It serves memories and warmth. It’s a grandma’s weapon to bring her rowdy grandchildren inside, just so she can see them smile after she says, “Hay Café  con Leche y pan con mantequilla.”


Cafe Con Leche

Now that we explained the different Cuban coffee styles, you’ll be able to decide whether you want a cortadito vs a colada at the ventanita. Order the most Miami and Cuban espresso straight to your home! ¡Dale! SHOP NOW Use code 15OFF for 15% off your order! 

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