What Makes Cuban Coffee Cuban?

There are a few reasons that make Cuban coffee unique and special. To start, you need a dark roasted bean finely ground. The Arabica bean gives off a smoother, sweeter, and chocolaty flavor and aroma that establishes the perfect foundation for what actually makes Cuban coffee- Cuban and that is the "Espumita."

When espresso culture first made its way to Cuba from Italy, Cubans found it to be too bitter so they decided to sweeten their brew "Alo Cubano!" Espumita is a mixture of sugar (or as Celia Cruz would say "Azucar!") and the first few concentrated drops of coffee that comes out of the cafetera (moka pot) or espresso machine. You whisk it really fast in a frothing pitcher until it turns into a thick light caramel colored batter and then you pour the remaining coffee inside, stir, and serve.  The combination of an already powerful Arabica bean and espumita is why Cuban coffee is famous worldwide for being deceivingly strong as we serve it in tiny cups we call tacitas.

But honestly, what makes Cuban coffee special is the culture that embodies it.  It's going to "la ventanita" to grab a cafecito, cortadito or colada for the office. It's the smell of freshly baked pastelitos and croquetas that pair perfectly together with our cafecito or cafe con leche. It's the sound of Latin music playing in the background of a tropical oasis that is Miami and a feeling of connectivity and belonging to those who are not as near to the culture. It's the stories we share, the nostalgia we feel, and the new memories we make that unlocks the true magic of Cuban cafecito for not just Cubans, but to all that join in on the tradition.

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