Gifts Under $20 for Coffee and Espresso Lovers

Gifts Under $20 for Coffee and Espresso Lovers

Get gift inspiration for those extra caffeinated friends and family in your life for under $20 bucks! 

For the ultimate cafecito lover in your life! This women's tee is of light-weight and fresh material. Available in navy and pink lettering. Measurements listed in link below.
Cafecito Gang Tee- $15
Cafecito Gang T-shirt


Set of Espresso Clear Mugs - $16.95

We love how trendy clear mugs are this season! We found some double wall insulated espresso mug set 5.4 oz on Amazon by JoyJolt with more than 6,900 reviews with great reviews. Plus they are on sale at the time this blog was published for $16.95!


Clear Espresso Mugs - Amazon


Coffee Beans Candle - $13

Not only do we love shopping for the holidays, we love supporting small businesses during the holidays!

We searched the internet for a great coffee scented candle and we came across  this one by POTOandBERR on Etsy. They have stellar 5 star reviews. 

From their page:

"Smells just like the name! Walking down the aisle in the grocery store with all the fresh grounded coffee and coffee beans!"

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Coffee Candle - Etsy


Adorable Stovetop Espresso Marker - $19.99

I can see my trusted silver cafetera (percolator) on my stove...but after seeing the colorful one online, I may need to make the switch and add a pop of color!

The Zulay Kitchen Store on Amazon offers a variety of colors and sizes and have more then 4,000 reviews.



Zulay Stovetop Espresso Maker- Amazon


Stainless Steel Espresso Cup Set - $16.99

Does research for blog...instantly adds this to Christmas list.

We. Love. This. 

The stainless steel style is for the timeless coffee fan. This set comes with the cup, saucer and spoon and holds 4.2 oz.

Stainless Steel espresso Mug

Mini Stainless Steel Espresso Spoons -$9.69

Everyone needs to have a favorite espresso/coffee spoon. Everyone needs to have such spoons but with a crystal finish! We found these fab spoons on Etsy from the NaturalGiftStore. We love how chic and affordable they are. Check out their awesome reviews~

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Espresso Teaspoons - Etsy

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